About Us

We, the class 13 - 1 in the school - year 1998/99

(Main subject English and VBRW), realized the project "Hans Scholl".

As pupils of the Wirtschaftsgymnasium Crailsheim (for more information look on the homepage of our school), we thougt that we were responsible to follow the suggestion of Mrs Richter (look below) to realize this project.

WG 13/1 1998/1999 Now we want to introduce ourselves a little bit more:

(Look at the photo from left to right and downwards)

Reiner Schmidt (Ilshofen), Florian Krauß (Riedbach), Katrin Brunner (Ilshofen), Kerstin Kleider (Hachtel), Guido Hartmann (Ilshofen) Thomas Anders (Kreßberg), Katrin Wagner (Crailsheim), Jule Kraft (Crailsheim), Kathrin Walter (Schrozberg), Corinna Gam (Rot am See) Noelia Macias (Satteldorf), Sabrina Richter (Crailsheim), Anja Röder (Lendsiedel), Anita Weitzel (Crailsheim), Susan Stepper (Satteldorf), Tanja Maurer (Rot am See), Tatjana Kernwein (Honhardt), Sylvia Hubmann (Mistlau), Ingo Cernohorsky (Crailsheim), Felix Hartleitner (Crailsheim), Marcello Schlegel – Palmisano (Crailsheim)

Following teachers supported us while our work on the project:

Mr Hermann Bode, Mrs Ursula Richter (who leaded the project), Mrs Jutta Dickmanns - Kempf and Mr Oliver Mothes.

Finally we want to thank everybody for their support.

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