The Leaflets

The leaflets of "the White Rose" were produced costly in manual labour with copy-machines in hidden places in Munich. The material was financed by members of "the White Rose" with own means and with donations. The leaflets appeared besides Munich in many other big town of Germany and Austria, and partly in England, Sweden and Norway.

The first leaflet appeared with circulation of about 100 copies in the beginning of July 1942. Many receivers were shocked and gave it to the next police station, but several followed the demand, to copy and to pass on the leaflet.

After the military service in Russia three further leaflets appeared at the end of 1942, which enlightened the population about the deeds of the "Wehrmacht" (Armed Forces) and SS and called up to resistance. The fifth leaflet was published at the beginning of 1943. It demanded in sober and natural words the abolishment of imperialism and militarism, as well as the reintroduction of a constitutional state in Germany. The producing amount was about 1000 copies.

The defeat of Stalingrad, on February 2nd, 1943, where 100000 German soldiers died and 90000 became prisoners of war, caused the members of "the White Rose" to publish their sixth and last leaflet.

On February 18th, 1943 the brothers and sisters Scholl decided to hand out their leaflets during the lectures in the university. There, they were seen by the caretaker, and were handed out to the "Gestapo".

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